What You Need to Know About Load Securement

What You Need to Know About Load Securement

Load Securement photo cargo net

Securing your load/cargo is a fairly simple safety concept. There is an expectation that items transported in or on your vehicle will stay on the vehicle until ready to be removed. The concept is especially important to anyone who operates a vehicle(s) to conduct business. Semis are the first category of truck we all think of, but also included are dump and service trucks, pickups — with or without trailers — and even sedans.

A company may transport product, parts, tooling, or any number of items in support of customers or its business. Fleet managers and their companies are responsible to ensure those items are transported safely, efficiently, and free from damage. Am improperly secured load may result in property damage, injury, or even a fatality. Claims from these incidents cost companies hundreds of millions of dollars annually. Unfortunately most of these incidents are preventable.

So how Important is Cargo Securement?

Well of course! Have you witnessed a service truck, pickup, trailer (small or large), or semi with loose or improperly secured cargo? A one piece of loose cargo can easily bounce off the vehicle and present a hazard to other motorists or pedestrians.

As fleet operators, your customers trust you to safeguard the product transported on their behalf. Customers expect a service provider (e.g., plumber, welder, or mechanic) will safely transport tools/materials/parts.

Senior executives and shareholders expect fleet managers will protect the company from expensive claims whether those claims are cargo or tool/material losses or third-party liability claims.