Tie It Down

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Transportation Cargo Safety Organization and SafetyWeb Products have developed a cargo safety awareness and compliance program targeting all haulers. The program is designed to provide businesses with cargo safety education and easy compliance solutions for all your light and medium-duty open-bed trucks and trailers.


The goal is to bring cargo safety awareness to haulers, saving time with safeguarding loads and lowering businesses risk & liability exposure. Ultimately, saving lives, improving highway safety and the environment, in addition to reducing lost-time and money associated with loosing an unsecured load in transit.


“Tie It Down” Program Elements:

  • Education and awareness
  • Compliance and solutions
  • Sponsorships opportunities
  • Community supportEducation and Awareness:
  • Unsafe Considerations for Cargo:
  • Cargo safety is every hauler’s responsibility. Safety comes first when transporting anything in an open-bed truck or trailer and loads should be firmly secured or contained at all times. The drivers and/or their employers bear responsibility for items falling onto the roadway or highway system. SafetyWeb Products are certified with working load limits, and makes it easy to meet state and county regulations. Just cover, hook and go!
  • Wind conditions
  • Evasive maneuvers
  • Speeds over 30 MPH
  • Sudden stops
  • Collision
  • Roll-oversCompliance and Solutions:An unsecured load is a crime in some states. All drivers of open-bed trucks and trailers are subject to fines starting at $250.00 and possible lawsuit. If an injury occurs, drivers and/or employers can be charged with gross misdemeanor and penalties up to $5,000 and may include jail time.  Most counties have ordinances that require all loads to be covered when transporting materials to waste facilities. The fine for non-compliance is $75.00 in Sacramento County and most counties throughout California.SafetyWeb Cargo Securement Products Protects and Saves:
  • State and County Law and Fines:
  • Safeguarding your load is the right thing to do
  • Protects the environment
  • Protects others on the roadway or highway
  • Reduces your liability
  • Saves lives SafetyWeb Products will donate $2 dollars from each unit purchased through the program to fund Cargo Safety Research & Education and for Road Debris Victim Services & Driver Outreach, helping drivers and victims. We are looking for partners to match funds and help get the word out. When a hauler purchases and uses the SafetyWeb Products they are saving lives, money, the environment and setting an example to others on the highway. In addition they are directly supporting Cargo Safety Research, Education, Road Debris Victims and Driver Outreach.Purchasers:
  • Benefits for Participation:
  • Community Support:
  • Lowers your risk & liability exposure when hauling anything
  • Saves time when safeguarding loads
  • Prevents citations and loads escaping the vehicle
  • Protects all loads; large, small or loose tools, etc.
  • Special discounted fleet pricing (below retail)
  • We donate $2 in the name of the purchaser
  • Add your business name to the long list of highway safety supporters
  • Free sponsor window or bumper sticker to show your support for highway safety
  • Opt-in to receive safety-tips, highway safety news and product updates via email.
  • Positive exposure, be among the first businesses to address and support cargo safety education, road debris victims and driver outreachIn our 20 years of experience businesses are always at risk from lawsuits and this program was developed to reduce driver liability exposure when haul anything.As a safety precaution we ware seatbelts in case we where to get into an accident – not because we plan to and cargo should be treated the same safety precaution secured or contained at all times, protects your business and everyone on the road.Here is an incident that happened recently; A Los Angeles county maintenance worker didn’t have his load of palm leaves safeguarded in his pickup and inadvertently the palm leaves hit a pedestrian and cost the county approximately $375,000. We could have outfitted their entire fleet of 75 trucks for about $4,400.Please call for pricing, terms and delivery options and to place orders 888-386-4271 ask for Tim or Bruce
  • For more product information please visit: www.coverhookgo.com