Can you afford to lose your load? Unsecured loads can kill! In addition to the significant risk to the motoring public, losing your load costs you money, the taxpayer money, and significant time delays for all.

NO!  No one can afford to lose their load!

The Transportation Cargo Safety Organization (TCSO) is dedicated to make roadways and highways a safer and cleaner place to travel.

Unsecured Load


Three BIG reasons to secure your load:

  1. Accidents caused Unsecured loads are responsible for about 51,000 accidents each year in North America, resulting in nearly 10,000 injuries and 440 fatalities(Source: NHTSA).
  2. Taxpayer money Litter cleanup costs the U.S. almost $11.5 billion each year, with businesses paying $9.1 billion.  Governments, schools, and other organizations pick up the tab for the remaining $2.4 billion (Source: Keep America Beautiful).
  3. Roadside Debris Litter has environmental consequences. About 40 percent of litter along highways and freeways is believed to be this type of “accidental” litter. But failing to secure loads is no accident. It is the driver’s responsibility to make sure that loads are properly secured at all times with tarps and tie-downs.



It is time we do something about the growing problem of unsecured loads and your support will make a difference.